36,071 photo enthusiasts visited the 7th International Photo&Digital 2017 Trade Fair organized last week over four days.

Press Release April 2017

The heart of the industry was beating in Photo&Digital..

Bringing the professionals and decision makers in the industry as well as photo enthusiasts together, Photo Digital 2017 took place on an area of 11,000 square meters with the attendance of 100 brands.
The brands newly entering the industry, stores, sale and distribution channels as well as developments in the equipment technologies were promoted in the biennial show.
İFSAK (Istanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association) attended the show with exhibitions, discussions and workshops hosting globally recognized major performers of the art.
The exhibition displayed the photos of Lori Nix, AES+F Group and Sadık Demiröz.
In the seminars; Ateş Evirgen ( Underwater Show and Discussion), Ersin Alok (Show and Discussion), Ercan Arslan (Press Photography Show and Discussion), Altan Bal  “Understanding and Narrating through Photography: ABC of Documentary Photography” Workshop,  Serhan Serter’s Wedding Photography and Barış Varol’s Wedding and Portray photography presentations received major attention.

Major brands took part in the event with their latest technologies.
Major recognized global brands in the industry such as Sigma, Sony, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Kodak and Pentax displayed their latest technologies.
Everything about photography was in this exhibition…
Everything about photography, including cameras, Digital Cameras, Accessories, Camera bags, Flashes, Filters, Professional imaging systems, Processing software, Film washing, Photography chemicals, Photography papers, Kiosk, Video camera and accessories, Photography films, printers, consumables, Printing systems, Lighting systems, Power supplies, Studio equipment, Screens, scanners, supplementary products, photo albums and frames met the customers in the exhibition.
Photo Digital will be organized for the 8th time in April, 2019.